Kiki & Josie Makeup Remover Gloves


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      Kiki and Josie makeup remover gloves will remove all your makeup (even waterproof) instantly just by using water. Made with advanced microfiber technology which break the surface tension binding dirt to the skin, their tiny loops hook any makeup or debris from the pores leaving your skin clean and soft and exfoliated.

      Their gloves will last over 3 years! Imagine the money you'll save on expensive makeup remover products. One glove will save you and landfills over 3000 makeup wipes! Their packing tubes are 100% biodegradable and do not need to be thrown out. Simply reuse as a makeup brush holder!

      The gloves are silky smooth, soft and great for any skin type. No irritating fibers or harmful chemicals. Erase your makeup naturally whilst caring for your skin and our planet. Throw it in with a normal wash cycle each week and it will last for more than 3 years! Great money saver, eco-friendly and convenient!

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